How to Find Affordable Health Insurance: Tips and Strategies

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People try to plan every major life event, including buying a house, car, managing weddings, etc. But in this whole process, they forget to invest in the most precious thing life offers, that is, health. This ignorance sometimes costs more than you have ever thought of. To prevent such traumatised situation, you must plan for your as well as your family’s health as early as possible. This blog will guide you through tips and strategies to buy affordable health insurance plans which can help you sail through tough times.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance plan which covers the medical expenses incurred on hospitalisation, daycare treatment, therapies, etc., up to a sum insured. You need to pay an annual premium against the coverage provided. The plan offers various benefits, including cashless hospitalisation, annual medical check-ups, tax rebates, etc. This helps you plan your finances in a better way according to the budget you have.

Key Benefits of a Health Plan

If you plan to cover your family under a best health insurance plan, you must look at the benefits it can offer you in the long run:

  • Cashless Hospitalisation: In case you choose a network hospital for admitting the patient, you can avail of the cashless hospitalisation benefit. You require to present the health ID issued by the insurer at the time of admission to start the cashless treatment.
  • Tax Benefit: The premium paid on the medical plan is tax deductible. You can claim for tax rebate under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • Coverage of Day Care Treatment: The plan does not only limit to hospitalisation; it also covers the daycare procedures such as cataract surgery.
  • Pre and Post-Hospitalisation: Medical expenses incurred before and after hospitalisation are covered for up to 30 days and 60 days, respectively.
  • Ensures Peace of Mind: When you know you are covered under a health plan which takes care of your medical expenses, you automatically get relaxed and stress-free.

Tips to Find Affordable Health Insurance

Once you have gone through the benefits of the insurance plan, you must know how to buy an affordable health plan for yourself and your loved ones. Below mentioned points will help you with some tips for buying a plan:

  • Co-Payment Option: You can save a good amount of money on the insurance premium if you opt for the co-payment option. Under this, you have to pay a certain amount of medical expenses from your pocket.
  • Long-Term Health Policy: You should choose a long-term health plan which results in a great amount of saving on the premium paid by you.
  • Add-On Cover: There is no need to buy an extra policy for the extra benefits you require. You can opt for additional coverage by paying a nominal sum. This will give you additional benefits along with the pre-existing ones.
  • Free Preventive Medical Check-ups: Health policies generally come with the benefit of free preventive medical check-ups. You can save a good amount of money if all the members of the family are covered under such a plan.
  • Online Purchase: You must compare the insurance plans online on various sites, which can also provide you with discounts on different plans. You can make a good purchase decision by comparing plans online.

It is advisable to look for plans which cater to your needs rather than looking for cheap health insurance plans which do not benefit you at the time you need it the most. You should consider this as an investment instead of an expense which is going to help you in the long run.

To Sum Up

You, as an individual or a family person, must give priority to health as this is the only asset which can support other pillars of life. With the rising medical cost, buying a health plan provides you with safety. This ensures that any medical emergency does not disturb your savings.

You can plan your future with an insurer like Niva Bupa, the best health insurance company which delivers quality service with a high claim settlement ratio. They have various health insurance plans as per the varied needs of people.

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